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Blue Man Group OrlandoBlue Man Group Orlando is one of the newest and hottest shows in the Orlando area. Blue Man Group has been a phenomenon ever sense it was born on the streets of New York City in the 1980's. After first being discovered, the creators were featured as guests in many popular productions. Finally, in 1991, they were given their own stage, and they never looked back. Within a few years, they began an independent show in Boston, then Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and several others. Although they are long overdue, they have finally come to the Orlando area. At Universal Orlando, Blue Man Group has taken over their own studio, as well as created a custom designed production for this venue.

The performers of Orlando's Blue Man Group are called "Blue Men". Their costume involves latex bald caps, a heavy application of blue grease paint, and black clothing covering the rest of the body. The show consists of a full theatrical act that includes rock music, an array of crazy props, light shows, and of course, audience participation. Audience members in the first few rows (known as the poncho section) will be given plastic coverings to protect themselves form the debris of liquids, foods, and whatever else may fly off stage. Whether you're a first timer, or if you're one of the millions who have seen them before in other cities, Blue Man Group Orlando is one wild and unforgettable experience.

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