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3. Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips that our past customers have found useful.

Upgrading “Magic Your Way” Tickets – Many consumers are just unsure what options they want to incorporate into their “Magic Your Way” tickets. We often receive questions such as, “What if my kids become sick and we only use half our tickets?”, “What if there is a family emergency and we must fly home immediately?”, or “What if I decide that the Park Hopper option is right for me?”. Of course, some of these issues are impossible to plan for months in advance. Fortunately, Disney makes it easy by allowing consumers to upgrade their tickets at the park. For example, if a consumer purchases a 7-day ticket, and they decide they must have the “Park Hopper” option, they can upgrade their ticket right at the Guest Services window. Or, perhaps a consumer must leave early, in which case they can upgrade their ticket with the “No Expiration” option, ensuring that their unused days can be used during their next visit.

Photocopy Your Tickets – If a ticket is lost or stolen you may be out of luck. However, if you take a few minutes, as soon as you receive your tickets, making a photocopy of the backside, there is a chance Disney can replace your tickets. The back of every ticket contains important tracking information for that individual ticket. If you lost your tickets, Guest Services can cancel the lost ticket and provide you with a new ticket that will have your unused days on it. Important – Disney states clearly that they are NOT responsible for lost or stolen tickets, and that they do not guarantee replacement. Of course, Disney has excellent customer service, and should they be able to assist they generally are glad to do so.

Make an Itinerary – There are so many parks, restaurants, dinner shows, water parks, and events in Florida that many vacationers become overwhelmed and often miss out on something they really wish they had gotten to do. It is good practice to make a rough itinerary that encompasses those events that you absolutely cannot miss out on. Make sure not to fill up your entire vacation, since you'll clearly encounter some things that you didn't know about, but you'll surely want to see.