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Entry to Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park can only be obtained with one of Disney's "Magic Your Way" tickets. Click the following link to buy tickets now, Buy Disney Tickets.

Disney storytelling comes to life in a kingdom brimming with fun, wonder and adventure. Join together with your circle of loved ones to savor thrilling attractions, shows, the majesty of nature and the fascinating animals — real and imagined — that enrich our planet.

Jump into your time rover and zoom back 65 million years to
come face-to-face with dinosaurs as you try to rescue one of
these prehistoric beasts.

Festival of the Lion King
Join the Circle of Life as you are surrounded by the pageantry,
spectacle, magic and humor of "The Lion King" in this dazzling
30-minute big-as-Broadway live musical.
It's Tough to be a Bug!®
This way, way off-Bugway show is "a creepy, crawly bug-eyed
adventure" that makes a mountain of laughs out of an anthill
of friendly insects.
Kali River Rapids®
Venture deep into an Asian rainforest and get drenched
aboard a raft adventure on the Chakranadi River.
Primeval Whirl®
Take a whirl on this prehysterical coaster, a free-spinning
wacky tangle of turns, hills, curves and drops.
Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
Join the outrageous island street party as Disney characters
come to the jungle on expedition with a wild, whimsical,
larger-than-life tribute to their animal friends.
Sensational Summer Safaris
Throw on your safari shorts, fill up your canteen and get ready for some fun in the sun - Savannah style! Enjoy this one-of-a-kind expedition for the entire family at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, and get face-to-face with some amazing African animals. Giraffes, hippos, elephants, rhinos and lions are all on the prowl, along with some poachers, too! Every experience is a new experience when you venture into the wild.
Disney's Animal Kingdom Park opened to the public on Earth Day, April 22, 1998. The slogan Nahtazu is clearly evident from the moment that you enter this unique destination. It's so much more than a traditional zoo. Great care has been taken to transport guests to exotic locales within it's lush confines. You'll encounter wildlife from all the corners of the earth, enjoy exciting shows, experience the thrill rides that you've come to expect as part of your Disney vacation, and leave with a renewed respect for this planet and its inhabitants.

Animal Kingdom Park covers 500 acres. Among it's residents are over 1700 animals representing 250 different species. Great efforts were made to re-create their native habitats. Over 4 million plants, trees, grasses and shrubs were planted to produce this jungle in the midst of Florida.

You enter through the Oasis where you're immediately immersed in the tropical atmosphere. Nestled in the backdrop of cooling streams, waterfalls and luxuriant foliage you'll find macaws, anteaters, boars and iguanas as well as other exotic animals.

The Animal Kingdom layout is similar to the Magic Kingdom. The majestic Tree of Life is the icon of this park and serves as the center of the hub that leads to the different sections. At 14 stories tall, this
AMAZING showpiece commands your attention. You'll find 325 animals intertwined in it's intricately sculpted trunk and limbs. Located on Discovery Island, the Tree of Life is home to the 3D attraction, It's Tough To Be A Bug. Put on your Bugs Eyes and be prepared to be chilled and thrilled as you experience life from the perspective of an insect. In this section are the Discovery Island Trails which are home to Galapagos tortoises, tamarins and lemurs.

In Africa you'll find the not to be missed Kilimanjaro Safari. You're transported in open air vehicles on an amazing journey through the African Savannah. Elephants, lions, rhinos, giraffes, gazelles, zebras and a bevy of other animals freely roam the terrain. Along the way you'll find yourself in pursuit of poachers. Don't worry, your adventure always has a happy ending. Another feature of this section are the Pangani Forest Exploration Trails. Imagine seeing a hippo underwater! You can through glass viewing areas. Not to be missed is the gorilla exhibit, as well as real-life Timons.

In Asia prepare to get soaked on the Kali River Rapids. You'll be whitewater rafting along the Chakranadi River, with waterfalls and waves that are guaranteed to create a most refreshing experience. You can dry off as you explore the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Nestled amidst the ruins of a temple you'll find stately Asian tigers. Another special exhibit houses the giant fruit bats. You'll be amazed when you witness their 6 foot wingspan. At The Flights of Wonder, you'll find a talented cast of birds who will entertain you with their natural and humorous behaviors.

Camp Minnie-Mickey you'll find character greeting stations. Here you can get those special hugs and photos with your favorite Disney friend. The fabulous Festival of the Lion King show is performed in this section. With an amazing and talented cast, this lively show is considered one of Disney's best. Another show found here is Pocahontas and her Forest Friends. With Grandmother Willow serving as her guide, Pocahontas learns a lesson in protecting the forest and it's many residents.

Dinoland U.S.A. has a carnival atmosphere. You can try your luck at the Fossil Fun Games. At the Boneyard, kids can climb fossils in this prehistoric playground. The TriceraTop Spin moves up and down and around, while the Primeval Whirl sends you spinning and swerving amidst giggles and smiles. D I N O S A U R takes you back in time as you go in pursuit of the iguanodon. Strapped in, prepare for a wild ride as your vehicle encounters meteors and some fierce dinosaurs. More excitement is in store at the Tarzan Rocks stageshow. In-Line skaters will dazzle you with their fast paced action while the King of the Jungle and his friends perform amazing acrobatic feats.

For an up close look at the inner-workings of the Animal Kingdom, hop on the Wildlife Express train to Rafiki's Planet Watch. The Conservation Station features a glimpse of the veterinary care, research and food preparation that are an integral part of this park. Lessons in conservation are found throughout this section. Kids will love the chance to pet some furry friends in the Affection Section.

The underlying theme of the Animal Kingdom Park is conservation and preservation. As
Walt Disney once said: I have learned from the animal world, and what everyone will learn who studies it is, a renewed sense of kinship with the earth and all its inhabitants.