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Disney's Fastpass system is an amazing innovation that will take your theme park experience to a much more enjoyable level. Fastpass will allow you and your group to avoid most of the long lines, go on your favorite rides when you want, and most of all keep your children from quipping with the infamous “Are we there yet?” line! Fastpass is a system that is free, easy, and will most definitely be your one-way ticket to Walt Disney World's top attractions with little or no waiting in line.
Disney's Fastpass
Fastpass Tickets Imagine wanting to go on your favorite ride, except that it seems everyone else in the park had the same exact idea, thus creating an hour-long wait. Some people are more patient than others, but with Fastpass – patience is something you will not need to worry about. Fastpass was created at the Walt Disney World theme parks to allow you to go on the more popular rides and attractions without waiting in hour-long lines.
The way Fastpass should be utilized is very simple: figure out what ride you want to go on, head to the Fastpass kiosk and print out the Fastpass tickets for that particular ride. You will then have a one-hour window in which your Fastpass will skip you to the head of the line. Now that you have taken care of that ride by obtaining a Fastpass, you and your party can go about the rest of your day, and come back to that ride when your Fastpass ticket designates you to do so.
The Fastpass kiosks are located next to the entrance at each major attraction at the Walt Disney World theme parks, so you can get one without waiting, since the machine is before the actual line is formed. All Fastpass tickets have your one-hour time frame printed on the front, and you can plan the rest of your day around that. For example, let's say you want to go on Splash Mountain, but there is a 1 hour and 30 minute wait. Disney World Fastpass Tickets

As badly as you and your children want to go on that ride, 90 minutes is probably too long to stand in line with your kids driving you crazy, not to mention the Florida heat. With Fastpass, you can get your designated time slot to come back to Splash Mountain, leave to embark upon other Disney World adventures and attractions, grab a bite to eat and come back to Splash Mountain with your Fastpass in hand, cutting right to the front of the line.

The Fastpass system is flawless and saves both time and energy. You can only use one Fastpass at a time, so be clever and save your Fastpass option for the most popular attractions. Once your existing Fastpass ticket matures, you can make new Fastpass appointments for other rides. Fastpass is extremely simple and will make your entire stay at the Walt Disney World resort much more enjoyable by allowing you to get much more done in a shorter period of time. Make sure to get your Fastpass tickets early in the day, in order to provide your group with the flexibility to see everything on your schedule once inside the theme park. Disney's Fastpass system has been around since 2000, and has been going strong without any problems. Make sure to utilize Fastpass, cutting the wait time in half for your favorite rides, and maximizing the enjoyment of your stay at the Walt Disney World resort!