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If you are planning a warm weather vacation in the near future, Legoland Florida makes for the perfect day outing for you and your family. Located in Winterhaven, this 150 acre super-park is specifically geared towards the recreation and amusement of children from 2-12 years old but has enough interesting activities thrown in to keep older siblings and parents happy too.

The newest location in the Legoland amusement chain, this state of the art theme park combines toys and technology into a one of a kind wonderland that is specifically designed to not only entertain children but to also fuel a love for learning, creativity and imagination.

The Legoland, Florida theme park amasses a huge space of more than 150 acres and features more than 50 exciting rides, shows and hands on activities that are sure to grab your child's attention and have them begging you not to leave.

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Things to Do
If you are curious about just what lays beyond the entrance gates of Legoland, Florida – you are definitely in for a treat. The park is subdivided into numerous ‘mini lands’ each with their own themes, rides, attractions and shopping opportunities. Each area provides your children with activities that promote creativity, learning and tactile development enveloped by an overall atmosphere of fun and excitement.
It is important to know that while you are planning your day’s adventure around the Legoland park that different areas of the grounds are aimed towards certain age groups, so grab a map or check out the park’s website ahead of time to help effectively coordinate your time.
The Beginning
Serving as the entryway to all of the excitement inside of Legoland, Florida, the Beginning is the area of the park where you can purchase tickets, lockers and is also the place where you can find the guest services building or even do some shopping on your way in or out of the park. The Beginning also grants you access to wheelchair and stroller rentals as well as a park kennel where your furry family friend can hang out while you and your children explore the park. The area also features a ride attraction known as Island in the Sky – a platform that takes guests more than 150 feet into the air to give them a 360 degree sky high view of the entire park.
Fun Town
This ‘mini land’ is one that has something to offer family members of all ages. Fun town holds the park’s Grand Carousel ride as well as the LEGO Factory, where guests can witness firsthand how LEGOS are made -- from molding to painting. In this area you will also find the Wells Fargo 4-D Theatre as well as a number of stores where you can find and purchase anything LEGO.
Miniland USA
An area of the park dedicated to miniature model enthusiasts, Miniland USA is an opportunity for your family to see and experience LEGO art at its finest. Featuring miniature replicas of seven major US cities and landmarks, your kids can quickly go from experiencing the towering skyscrapers of New York City to taking an ‘astronaut training course’ at Kennedy Space Center. Miniland also features models of Las Vegas, Washington DC and the Daytona International Speedway where kids can participate in LEGO brick car races.
Duplo Village
Families traveling with small excited toddlers will go nuts over visiting Legoland’s Duplo Village. One of the few places in the park dedicated to children 1-3 years old, this miniland features several play grounds and jungle gyms as well as a junior fire academy where youngsters can learn about fire safety. Duplo Village is also home to several toddler friendly rides, including Granny’s Jalopies and Big Rig Rally.
LEGO Kingdoms
If your children have ever been curious about the times when Dragons roamed the Earth and Kings and Queens ruled the lands, LEGO Kingdoms should definitely be a destination you visit. Complete with castles, jousting rides and a magical wooden train ride, this miniland will definitely spark your child’s imagination.
Land of Adventure
Children of all ages can enjoy the amusements located in Legoland Florida’s Land of Adventure. Here, children get the opportunity to explore times and lands they never thought possible. Exploring tombs in Egypt, visiting dinosaurs and participating in a LEGO inspired African Safari – you are likely to have a hard time getting your kids to move on to other areas in the park.
Legoland Water Park
At the end of a long, hot day exploring Legoland, Florida your children will be thrilled to visit the on-site water park, new to Legoland in 2012. The water park features several attractions that are suitable for all ages, as well as a few that are geared specifically towards older children including the twin chasers and splash out amusements.
Open year round with the exception of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Legoland, Florida is a perfect addition to your vacation itinerary, no matter what time of year. A perfect opportunity for you to spend time with your children while getting in touch with your inner child, the Legoland experience is one that your kids will want to come back to year after year.