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Discount Pirates Dinner Adventure TicketsDue to the unfortunate events with Hurricane Irma, the Pirates Dinner Adventure theater suffered devastating damage. The facility is currently under construction, and the show plans to reopen at some point this year. We will post additional information as soon as it becomes available.

Ahoy Mateys, and welcome to Pirates Dinner Adventure! Jump aboard and follow us on a swashbuckling dinner adventure to the high seas! Enjoy the talented cast and a meal fit for a king, as you watch the colorful story unfold right before your eyes.

At Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando, you are not just watching the show; you are put RIGHT in to the action. Enter the lagoon, where your pirate ship and team captain await you. As we set sail out on to the high seas, cheer on your team captains and teammates as they battle for the fight of good and evil…with one goal in mind…the pirate's booty! Interact with the crew in pirate games, songs, and challenges! Acclaimed as "the world's most unique interactive dinner show," you will be amazed by the incredible sword-play, aerial artists, and acrobatics! It is a perfect show for all ages, even the little ones will be able to get involved in all of the fun.

Pirates Dinner ShowFollowing the pre-meal pirate party, enjoy the show as you wine and dine on the delectable meals provided by your friendly and hospitable wait staff. With salad, a chicken or seafood option for your entrée, dessert, wine, and beer…you will leave both happy and full!

With the hustle and bustle of the amusement parks during the day, the first thing you will want to do at night is relax. Why not take a fun-filled break at Pirates Dinner Adventure, and combine your dining experience with live entertainment? Kick up your feet and leave the rest up to the Pirate Dinner Adventure Staff. They will do anything and everything in their power to make sure you have a great time, while taking a breather from trying to fight the crowds at the amusement parks. It makes for a fun and great night out with the entire family on your Orlando vacation.

Cheap Pirates Dinner Adventure TicketsPirates Dinner Adventure is a live show which features exciting performances, daring stunts, and musical entertainment, along with a delicious Pirates feast. At the Pirates Dinner Adventure, you will be able to sail back in time to a place where the Pirates reign supreme. Inside the Pirates Dinner Theater, you will get to enjoy spectacular stunts, dazzling effects and amazing aerial acts. Pirates Dinner Adventure is a show which combines the perfect blend of comedy, romance, action and adventure. From the hilarious antics of the pirates to the magical dance of the Golden Gypsy – the excitement at Pirates Dinner Adventure never ends! While watching the breathtaking performances at Pirates Dinner Adventure, you will be chowing down on a hearty, delicious Port-of-Call Dinner Feast, which will satisfy even the largest of appetites. The servings and meals here at the Pirate Dinner Show are truly fit for a king. Pirate's Dinner Adventure should be your first stop f you are seeking out an adventurous time while visiting the International Drive area of Orlando. Pirate's Dinner Adventure is sure to put you and your family right in the middle of all of the swashbuckling action. The most entertaining aspect of Pirate's Dinner Adventure is the way the cast interacts with its audience. Pirate's Dinner Adventure makes sure that each and every individual has the opportunity to experience what it is like back in the times of a Pirate. At Pirate's Dinner Adventure, guests are entertained with an astonishing display of special effects wizardry, aerial artistry, swashbuckling swordplay, intense duels, and a classic story of good vs. evil that offers a little bit of everything, most importantly – a great night out for the family. Pirate's Dinner Adventure truly is a show for the ages, as it allows the opportunity to interact in the adventure as the show goes along. The show is perfect for children and adults alike, so everyone will be entertained throughout the entire evening. Start off your evening with a tasty and diverse appetizer buffet. Enjoy the King's assorted salads, tasty snacks, and special sauces. The festival buffet is prepared to offer a little bit of everything, for people of all walks of life. It is important to save room for the main course, as that is where the heavy eating will occur. Pirate's Dinner Adventure is acclaimed as the "World's most unique interactive dinner show." More than 150 guests inside the Pirate's Dinner Theater will have the chance to play an actual role in each show as the evil Captain Sebastian the Black leads his crews of renegades to the ship, interacting and getting the audience members completely involved along the way. Even the youngest of children can be part of the action, donning costumes to row miniature boats in a pirate race around the lagoon or board the galleon to brave the dastardly Sebastian the Black and rescue a beautiful princess. For one amazing, out-of-this-world night, the fantasies of would-be pirates of all ages become uncannily real in the interactive arena of Pirate's Dinner Adventure.