All Four Disney World Theme Parks in One Day

All Four Disney World Theme Parks in One Day

Posted by The OrlandoTastic Team on Jul 30th 2018

Disney World in a Day

Visiting Disney World's magical four theme parks is an adventure like no other.  The parks can seem all the same, and all so different, at the same time.  Having four glorious days, being able to devout an entire day to each magnificent park, can often seems like not enough for many people.  Many vacationers need at least two days at the Magic Kingdom, or maybe even three.  However, some DW fans don't have such luxuries when it comes to time, and they must take as much in as they can in three days.  Or two days.  Or, even one.

Disney World in a day.  Is it possible?  Should it be possible?  Some say no, but others say yes.

A few brave souls have attacked this adventure, and have produced some very impressive results.  Thankfully, they've shared their learned knowledge with us.  For example, the first thing one would want to do is to see which of the four theme parks opens early on their fateful day, and which park will stay open late.  It's best to either begin at or to end at the Magic Kingdom.  And, if entirely possible, one must drive in their own vehicle from park-to-park.

There's many more tips to help in accomplishing this monumental task.  Read the full cheat sheet here!