Disney World Guest Punches Employee In The Face

Disney World Guest Punches Employee In The Face

Posted by The OrlandoTastic Team on Jul 23rd 2019

Hollywood Studios' Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of Disney World's most visited attractions. This year, it's celebrating its 25th anniversary in the park and its 100 foot plunge is as fun and exhilarating as ever! However, on July 13th, shortly before 9 PM, guests were witness to a not-so-fun scene.

Jessica Grines, 23 of Chicago, was in the pre-show area with a group of people when she became upset while trying to use a FastPass (apparently it was invalid). For those unfamiliar, the FastPass system is designed to help guests arrive at high volume rides for certain times, thereby avoiding a wait in a long line.

Jessica and her group began yelling obscenities at the Disney World employee, Taylor Gragert. Jessica then began pushing buttons on Taylor's operating podium, which "could affect the ride". When Taylor tried to prevent Jessica from hitting those buttons, that's when Jessica punched her in the face. Yikes!

What is the outcome of this wild incident? Well, Disney World employee Taylor seems to have responded with some brilliant class. She refused medical treatment, even though she appeared to have swelling around one of her eyes, and also refused to press charges. The guest, however, ran from the scene, was eventually caught up with and removed from the park, and was finally given a lifetime ban to all Disney Parks.

A Disney employee was reached for comment and said "we don't tolerate unsafe behavior".

We believe Disney and their employee handled this situation perfectly!

Tower of Terror at Disney World