Spend A Night At Disney World's Pandora

Spend A Night At Disney World's Pandora

Posted by the OrlandoTastic Team on Jun 13th 2018

Disney is officially calling it "glamping", rather than camping, which I'm told is a blend word for "glamorous camping".  So, how do you go glamping in Pandora?  You win your ticket, you choose which of your friends you bring along with you, and you begin by entering the contest here.

Camping in Pandora - Disney World

2009's mega blockbuster Avatar is one of James Cameron's masterpieces, and it grossed nearly $2.8B in theaters.  I say "one of" because he also put together a couple of other fairly popular movies, such as Titanic, Alien, and Terminator.  Disney wanted in on the action, as did Disney fans, so everyone collaborated and build "Pandora - The World of Avatar" at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  To do so, they had to spend over $500M.

Pandora has been one of Disney's most popular and most visited attractions since the day it opened.  And, now, Disney is running a contest that will grant one lucky fan (plus a guest of their choosing) the opportunity to camp under the stars for a night in The World of Avatar.

Enter Disney's Pandora Camp Contest

To participate, fans must submit a video of themselves, and only themselves, explaining why they should be chosen for this incredible adventure.  The prize package includes:

  • Overnight Stay in Pandora - The World of Avatar
  • Two 4-Day Disney World Park Hopper Tickets
  • Free Airfare
  • Free Accommodations
  • Private Rides on Na'vi River and Avatar Flight of Passage
  • $250 Disney Gift Card

Good luck to everyone entering the contest...