Ticket Buying Tips

Wherever You Purchase, Buy Safely

When purchasing your Walt Disney World Resort tickets, there are several issues that must be considered. Below you will find bullet points offering useful information regarding these issues.

• Pre-purchase your tickets - If possible, pre-purchase your tickets from a discount ticket broker. Tickets to Disney World are always most expensive when purchased at the Disney Maingate. The main reason that ticket brokers are able to offer tickets at a reduced price is that they have pre-purchased their supply of tickets in bulk, thus affording them some sort of discount. This discount can then be passed on to consumers. DWTickets is committed to offering discount tickets with excellent customer satisfaction.

• Used Tickets – NEVER purchase used tickets, from a ticket broker or a consumer. First, Disney prints right on their tickets "Not for Resale". Second, the only way to determine what, if any, is still remaining on a ticket is by running the ticket codes through Disney's computer system. Buying used tickets exposes unnecessary risk. DWTickets does not sell any used ticket products.

• Disney Affiliate – NEVER purchase your tickets from a website that doesn't have a working, or contractual, relationship with Disney. Disney demands that its affiliates keep to strict standards, such as how information and ticket facts are to be presented. Many non-affiliated websites pop up all the time, misrepresent ticket facts and trademarked properties, and Disney is forced to take legal action and shut them down. DWTickets.com is proud to work with Disney, ensuring all material and information is as accurate as possible.

• In Store Pick-up – It's always a good idea to purchase your tickets from a website that has a physical location in the Orlando or Kissimmee area. Even if you are having your tickets shipped to your home, purchasing from a website with a physical location will provide an easy option should any thing go wrong with the order, or if you want to purchase other tickets. DWTickets has an in store pick-up option, located right in Orlando.