Typhoon Lagoon

Cheap Typhoon Lagoon TicketsDisney's Typhoon Lagoon is a 56-acre water park that offer's a full day's worth of activities. At Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, you will find yourself in a tropical, laid-back atmosphere with an array of different attractions, offering a little bit of something for everyone.

Typhoon Lagoon is themed around the idea that a plush Island resort was hit with a cataclysmic storm, ravaging everything from palm trees to hurling a shrimp boat to the top of a magical volcano/ water geyser. Disney's water park is great for children and adults alike, offering a variety of activities and fun for all. At Typhoon Lagoon, you can try catching a wave in a 200 yard surf lagoon, speed down action-packed water slides, go snorkeling, or just take it easy floating on an inner tube along the very mellow Castaway Creek. The layout of Typhoon Lagoon is very simple, so you will never get lost, and everything is highlighted by visible signs in a very easy landscape. Whether you enjoy speeding down heart-pounding water slides or just taking it easy and enjoying the beautiful scenery, Typhoon Lagoon has it all – making it one of the world's best water parks.