Walt Disney World

Base Tickets - 1-Park Per Day


The simplest form of a Disney World ticket. Purchase the number of days that you would like to spend visiting the 4 major Disney World theme parks, and  get admission for 1-park per day. The four major WDW parks are:

  • Magic Kingdom® Park
  • EPCOT®
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

If purchasing a multi-day ticket (options include 2-Day through 10-Day), then a visitor will have 14 days to use all of your admissions. The 14 days begin when the ticket is used for the first time.

Park Hopper option


The Park Hopper option allows visitors to do just that; hop around from park-to-park during the same day. As an example, a visitor could begin the day at the Magic Kingdom, and then spend the afternoon in EPCOT. A 4-Day ticket will allow a guest to hop around all four major Disney World parks for four (4) days.

  • Magic Kingdom® Park
  • EPCOT®
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Park


Park Hopper Plus option


The Park Hopper Plus option is the ultimate ticket, offering the greatest amount of benefits and attractions. A visitor receives all the benefits of the Park Hopper option, plus they receive Extra Admissions to other Disney World Resort attractions. It provides the greatest amount of flexibility and access.

The Park Hopper Plus option is for the visitor that wants to take advantage of all of the parks. In addition to the 4 major Disney World theme parks, visitors will also have access to 6 other great Disney World attractions. During the length of their ticket, visitors will be able to hop around:

  • Magic Kingdom® Park
  • EPCOT®
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

Additionally, visitors will also be given Extra Admissions to:

  • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex (including 30 minutes of game access at The PlayStaion® Pavilion)
  • Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course (a relaxed nine-hole walking course)
  • Disney's Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course (before 4:00 PM)
  • Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course (before 4:00 PM)

The number of Extra Admissions differs depending on the number of days on a ticket. Here's a breakdown;

  • 1 Day ticket – 1 EXTRA ADMISSION
  • 2 Day ticket – 2 EXTRA ADMISSIONS
  • 3 Day ticket – 3 EXTRA ADMISSIONS
  • 4 Day ticket – 4 EXTRA ADMISSIONS
  • 5 Day ticket – 5 EXTRA ADMISSIONS
  • 6 Day ticket – 6 EXTRA ADMISSIONS
  • 7 Day ticket – 7 EXTRA ADMISSIONS
  • 10 Day ticket – 10 EXTRA ADMISSIONS

One cool feature of this ticket is that the Extra Admissions DO NOT have to be used on the same day as the major park admissions. So, a 4-Day ticket with the Park Hopper Plus option offers 4 days of admission to the major parks, and 4 days of Extra Admissions to the other attractions for a total of 8 days of fun


Disney World Tickets FAQ


I purchased cheap Disney world tickets from DWTickets.com… Can I link them to My Disney Experience?
Yes, linking your tickets is fast and easy. After receiving your Disney World admission card, or online e-ticket, simply go to My Disney Experience and use the ticket code to link each ticket.

How do I set up my FastPass+ and Disney Dining Reservations?
Once your tickets are linked (see above) you can begin creating your FastPass+ and dining reservations. It's easy!

What else can I do with My Disney Experience?
There's a whole bunch of benefits to linking your tickets to a My Disney Experience account, including:

  • Seeing daily calendars of each park that display character meet and greets, parades, fireworks, and entertainment schedules
  • Viewing photos taken at the parks with Disney's PhotoPass Memory Maker
  • Planning out and viewing your personal itineraries for each day
  • Adding and removing from your friends and families list

What if I lose my admission card or ticket?
We recommend that our customers link their card or ticket to a My Disney Experience account as soon as they receive them. If you happen to lose you admission card or ticket, then you can simply request a new one at no additional charge.

What type of information is shared with people on my friends and families list?
The simple answer is "whatever you want". You can choose how much information to choose with each person. So, you can choose to share your park itinerary with everyone on your list, but then to only share your dining information with a few select people. It's all easy to use, and very customizable.

If I buy a Park Hopper ticket, can I use it for admission to one of Disney World's water parks?
No, to gain admission to one of the water parks you must either purchase regular admission tickets for that particular water park (we have them all), or purchase a Disney World ticket with the Park Hopper option. These tickets offer a combination of regular Disney World admission tickets, plus "extra admissions", which can be used at any of Disney's other attractions, including the water parks.

Should I purchase my tickets in advance?
Yes, we recommend that you do.  Disney does as well, for several reasons. For one thing, it's more convenient to purchase them in advance and to not have to deal with any ticket windows or lines once you arrive at the parks. And secondly, there's at least one price increase each year at Disney World. Disney raises their prices each year, every year, and DWTickets has to follow a few days afterwards once our own inventory runs out. So, for convenience, flexibility, and price, we recommend buying your tickets in advance.

If I purchase an e-ticket, can I use it to simply walk right into the park?
No, unfortunately that is no longer the case. Due to recent fraud issues that Disney World has been experiencing, e-tickets must be presented at the park entrance, along with proper identification. This is to ensure the protection of customers' purchases, as well as the security of their My Disney Experience accounts. However, customers only need to print out their e-tickets, and head straight to a Disney park gate!

Can I upgrade my Disney World ticket after I've already purchased it from DWTickets?
Yes, even after taking advantage of our discounts, you still have the option to upgrade your ticket. You can upgrade it by adding additional days, or adding options, such as the "Park Hopper option" or "Park Hopper Plus option". However, if you've already used a portion of your ticket, you MUST have remaining day(s) left on your ticket AND be within 14 days since the ticket was first used. You can upgrade your ticket at any of the following:

  • Calling 407-939-3476
  • Theme Park Ticket Window (all Disney parks)
  • Guest Relations (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or Disney Springs)
  • Lobby Concierge in any Disney Resort Hotel

Can I transfer my ticket to somebody else?
No, Disney World tickets are non-transferable. Once a ticket is used, the rest of the admissions are specific to the original user. However, if a ticket has never been used, then you can certainly transfer it to somebody else, even if you've already linked it to a My Disney Experience account.


All of our tickets are loaded up with MyMagic+


MyMagic+ with DW Tickets

MyMagic+ gives vacationers a suite of technologies and services that are going to both enhance their Disney vacation, and make it much easier for them to plan. After purchasing your Disney tickets, go to My Disney Experience to link your tickets (see above for instructions). Once visitors arrive at the parks they are able to purchase MagicBand, Disney PhotoPass Memory Maker, or BOTH! These purchases must be made directly from Disney. Once purchased, they will both be linked to the customers My Disney Experience account.


My Disney Experience


PhotoPass Memory Maker

MyMagic+ at Disney World

MyMagic+ utilizes a bunch of cool technologies and services to enhance your Disney World vacation. The MyMagic+ platform can be broken down to 5 main areas: My Disney Experience, FastPass+, MagicBands and cards, and PhotoPass Memory Maker. All of our Disney tickets at DWTickets.com are enabled, free of charge, with MyMagic+.

My Disney Experience

My Disney Experience is where you begin your Disney vacation, right after purchasing your discount tickets from us. Go to StartYourDisneyExperience.com, and begin planning out your trip. One of the biggest perks here is the ability to make restaurant reservations. With My Disney Experience, you can start making dinner reservations from 30 days out, or 60 days out if you are staying on a Disney property.

You'll also see daily calendars for all the parks, displaying times for character meet and greets, parades, entertainment shows, etc. You can begin to plan out your days, choose what adventures you want to be sure to be a part of, and even start reserving your spot in lines, which leads us to…

Disney FastPass+

The FastPass+ system isn't just for rides. It allows for pre-booking reservations for all sorts of attractions, shows, character meet and greets, parades, fireworks, and more. 

MagicBands at Disney World

MagicBands are bracelets that use RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification (basically just short term radio). It's your electronic connection to your My Disney Experience account. It will allow you access to Disney hotels, including your hotel room, give you admission to the parks, you can put money in your account and use it to make purchases, and it even tracks your position throughout the parks. MagicBands are distributed to guests staying on Disney properties, as well as annual pass holders. If you're not an annual pass holder, and you're not staying at a Disney property, then you can still get a MagicBand by purchasing one from Disney here.

Photo Pass Memory Maker

PhotoPass Memory Maker is a great way to manage all the great pictures that are taken of you and your party during your visit. When pictures are taken of visitors on rides, attractions, in restaurants, character meet and greets, etc., those pictures are all stored online. PhotoPass Memory Maker allows you to link those pictures to your MagicBank, Memory Maker Car, or PhotoPass card. You will have 30 days to link your pictures, and 45 days to download them. After that, you can print them out yourself, take them to a print facility, or have them printed and mailed

Disney FastPass+


With FastPass+, vacationers can plan ahead and reserve attractions, shows, character meetings, and more. Starting 30 days out from when you plan to visit Disney World, you can start making reservations at over 60 different experiences, including:

  • Attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Mission:Space
  • Entertainment like Fantasmic! and Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular!
  • All Character Meetings, especially Mickey Mouse and Cinderella
  • Even reserving viewing areas for fireworks and parades

After purchasing your discount Disney World tickets, it’s easy to start setting up your FastPass+ reservations.

  1. Register, or sign in, at Start Your Disney Experience
  2. Link the Disney ticket or Annual Pass for each member of your party. Each ticket and pass will have a 12-digit ID number. It’s very easy.
  3. Start selecting your FastPass+ experiences.You’ll also be able to start making dinner reservations, and check out other cool “My Disney Experience” stuff.

Once you’re in the park, you can even use the FastPass+ mobile app to make changes on the go. After you’ve redeemed your FastPass+ reservations, simply head to a kiosk to make additional same day reservations.


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